About Us

TPC is one of the best pest control company in Kolkata and termite control company in Kolkata. TPC has extensive knowledge, advanced technology and training to attack any pests at hospitals, hotels, homes, office establishments etc. will break the pest lifecycle to help control in wanted invaders in the present and future. With a market presence of more than 9 years in the field of pest control services we always try to offer you our best.

We are an ISO 9001:2015, certified company. Vision of TPC is to be recognized as a company that delivers complete customer satisfaction. Under the guidance of our CEO Mr. S. S. Kamila and our team of experts guide and supervise our trained technicians to provide domestic standard pest management services in West Bengal. We are head office in Kolkata and are growing significantly due to the commitment and dedication of a pool of high skilled and motivated professionals whose motto is to serve at its best.

TPC is a closely held company started by a team in 2000 for providing customers, unmatched convenience in terms of location 7 firm independent service offering. The globalization of the economy has pushed competition and TPC proudly stand with its glory. We extend our hands of service and launched web enabled and web based services to provide increased convenience to our corporate and retail customers. TPC provide the specialized services to satisfy the unique Pest Management and Fumigation:

  •  Residential Premises for Complex and individual residence.
  •  Warehouse & Factory (Paper, Tea and Rice).
  •  Food / Agri Processing facilities
  •  Mills (Wheat and Rice)
  •  Beverage Processing
  •  Style Corporate
  •  Pharmaceuticals & Research Institution
  •  Hospital / Diagnostic Center & Nursing Home
  •  Hotel / Restaurant / Bar & Banquet
  •  Airport & Flight Kitchen
  •  Corporate / Industrial & Private Office premises.
  •  Ships / Containers & Rigs
  •  Bagged / Break Bulk Cargo